Commercial Tree Services and Residential Tree Services

Let DLL Tree Services help make Westerville a great place to live and work with our professional tree services. With its highly skilled and licensed team, DLL Tree Services can provide both preventative care and ongoing maintenance of trees, lawns, landscapes, parks, playgrounds, city buildings and other public or commercial properties in Westerville .


When looking for tree removal services, you shouldn’t just hire any company. This type of work is highly technical. In the wrong hands, it can result in serious problems. The same thing goes for hiring a tree cutting company. Without the right training and experience, an arborist or tree cutting professional could butcher your tree and leave it in really bad shape.

But the qualified professionals of DLL Tree Service have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to assure trees are brought down safely without damaging building structures.Westerville professionals dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape.

Safety First

If a tree is determine to be unsafe or there is some other need for the tree to be removed, we are equipped with some of the most innovative tools and practices to safely remove trees on your property with the least amount of damage to your lawn.

Westerville Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal

There are several signs that your tree may need to be removed. Some of these signs include big branches dying, the tree losing medium to bigger live branches, leaves falling off really early in the year or not coming back at all in the Spring, dead or hollow sections in the trunk or branches, rotten base of the tree or root rot. The tree may have a disease or illness. You may also want to remove trees too close to the house, foundation, sidewalk, driveway, underground pipes, power lines or if the tree is leaning badly to one side or the other. There are many reasons a tree may need to be removed so have us look at it for you.